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"...Ron our weekly discussions meant more to me than you could ever imagine, and gave me more confidence and hope for the future than any remedy or treatment ever could..." (read more)

"...After one month (four treatments) my cycle was regular and has remained so for over a year..." (read more)

"...I conceived in the fourth month without any medical intervention or fertility treatments..." (read more)

"...I truly believe that acupuncture was the missing link that helped me achieve my lifetime goal of having children.  Thank you Ron!” (read more)

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Sandoval Acupuncture Success Stories


Four inseminations and three failed IVF's. This was going to be my last attempt at IVF.  My doctor recommended I try Acupuncture.  I contacted Ronald Sandoval and was immediately impressed with his depth of knowledge about my situation.  He didn't make any promises, but he was confident, caring and very professional.  I saw him twice a week for two months before my final IVF.  My retrieval went better than expected, producing more and better quality eggs.  My doctor even said, "whatever you did, I wish I could bottle it!"   I conceived and had a healthy pregnancy, and I am now the proud mother of Jake, who looks just like his father!

Thank you Ron, for the role you played in all of this!

Huntington, NY


I came to Ron Sandoval after a lifetime of struggling with infertility. I was 35 and had been working with a well-known infertility doctor for nine months.  My treatments had progressed to the use of hormone injections and insemination and had not been successful.  Because of my age and irregular cycle, my doctor suggested I try Acupuncture.  Within eight visits my cycles had changed dramatically from about 42 days to 30 days.  Ron worked on my hormonal imbalances as well as general relaxation.  My doctor would only try one more time with insemination before moving on to in-vitro, which was something I could not afford.  Ron worked more aggressively with herbs and acupuncture.  We had our last visit one day prior to the insemination.  I am now 6 months pregnant with twin boys.  I continue to receive weekly acupuncture treatments for general well-being, balance and relaxation, which has helped me have a very easy positive pregnancy.  I truly believe that acupuncture was the missing link that helped me achieve my lifetime goal of having children.  Thank you Ronald. 

Huntington, NY



I came to Ronald Sandoval with the hopes of conceiving my first child. I received acupuncture once or twice a week for 3 months. I conceived in the fourth month without any medical intervention or fertility treatments. I also received Acupuncture at the center in the weeks leading up to my delivery in hopes of helping to have the baby on time with as little medical intervention as possible. Sophia Holland was delivered on 2/25/07 (the day after my due date). I was able to deliver her without pitocin or an episiotomy. Thank You!

Franklyn Square, NY



My menstrual cycle was irregular for four years prior to seeing Ron Sandoval for Acupuncture.  After one month (four treatments) my cycle was regular and has remained so for over a year.  I have been trying to conceive, and not knowing exactly when I ovulated made it very difficult every month.  My hopes of getting pregnant are much greater now.

Valley Stream, NY


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Dear Dr. Ronald Sandoval,

I don't know where to begin to thank you for all that you've done for Keri and I. When we first started coming to you in late December, I'll admit that I was somewhat skeptical that you would be able to help us with our situation, but I was willing to try anything if it meant it would get us closer to having a family. In the months that followed, and with each treatment, I felt as though I had more energy than I've had in years. Even more importantly, I gained something from our meetings that I didn't expect. You've became a real friend to me.

I think for most guys that have a testicular tumor and a low sperm count; it's a very difficult thing to talk about. In truth, very few people knew about my situation, and even fewer knew how it was affecting me in my everyday life. Simply put, I was enjoying life and wasn't grateful for what I had. However, talking to you about my situation made things easier. You would always begin our sessions by asking me, "How is everything??, "How do you feel?? or "Is there anything you want to talk about?? Also, you always knew what point Keri and I were at with our IVF treatments, and you really cared about our situation. I really appreciated the fact that you cared, especially because the last two years were spent going to doctors, many of whom didn't really seem to take the time to talk to me about options. Some couldn't even remember my name. Ron, our weekly discussions meant more to me than you could ever imagine, and gave me more confidence and hope for the future than any remedy or treatment ever could.

Of course, in addition to your treatments, you would see Keri on a weekly basis as well, and to get her prepared for our next IVF cycle. Like me, she always felt good after coming to see you, and felt as though her sessions would pay big dividends for us. One thing that you did for us that we are so grateful for, were the few times that you saw Keri after her transfer and the following the news that she was pregnant. As you recall, her beta numbers were not as high as we wanted them to be, and we reached out to you for help. Within 15 minutes of our call to you, on a Friday night, you had Keri in your office for a treatment. No doctor would have acted that quickly for us, but you did, and it meant a great deal to us.

Keri and I miss our treatments and our friend. To date, she is twelve weeks pregnant. I have enclosed a copy of our latest sonogram picture. We know that we still have along way to go, but we're feeling pretty confident about what our immediate future holds. We both know that your treatments and your guidance have had a lot to do with us getting this far. Again, we thank you for everything you've done for us. We would certainly recommend your services to anyone in our situation. We plan to keep in touch and send you many more pictures.

On a separate note, both Keri and I wish your fiance a lifetime of happiness. I can't wait until you experience the joy of starting your own family. During Keri's latest sonogram, we could actually see our little miracle moving its arms and legs. I can tell you that without question, it is the most amazing things I've ever seen in my entire life. You will one day soon experience that joy for yourself. It's moments like this that have made me appreciate everything you've done for us even more.

All the best,

B & K

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Dear Ron,

As you know, after 16 months of our fertility we came to you. After four rounds of clomid, two unsuccessful IUI's (Intrauterine Inseminations) and numerous tests we felt hopeless. We planned to begin using the injectable medications and IUI treatments in March 2007. The diagnosis of "unexplained infertility? is what we were given. The thought of never being able to conceive a child brought us a lot of frustration and sadness. Of course that was before I met you.

My brother, Mike recommended that I try acupuncture before I started the injectable medications. I only had a month before I was to begin the injectables, but I had an attitude of not having anything to lose, and decided to give it a try. Mike found your website and I called that day.

From the second I met you I felt totally comfortable. Your compassion and willingness to listen was different then any other medical professional I have ever met. I walked out of your office felling renewed and refreshed. You gave me, and in turn, my husband the glimmer of hope we so desperately needed. Our office visits continued two times per week for the next several weeks. During one of my visits you told me "this would be a great month for you to get pregnant?. After only a few treatments I found this hard to believe, but you gave me hope that it was possible.

Needless to say I never started the injectable treatments, I was pregnant! As I have told you before, you were the this person I told for a reason. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and keep up the good work. I look forward to telling Baby Tutone about our fertility journey and the wonderful man that helped to change our lives.

Warmest Regards,

B & J . T


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Welcome Abigail Elise...A little over a year ago my husband and I came to Ronald Sandoval, our Acupuncturist. We had been trying to get pregnant for a year. After many doctors' appointments and tests we learned that my husband had low motility. At that point we decided to get inseminated via IUI. We did that process twice which failed both times. The doctor told us that our best chances of having a baby would be In Vitro. However, I thought that the process of In Vitro was extreme especially since my husband and I were healthy and were only 30. It was then that we turned to Ron and Acupuncture to help us conceive.

We started treatment right away. By the second cycle I was feeling bloated and fat. I was due for my period in a few days so I really was not thinking much of it. But on June 24, 2008 I went for treatment and Ron took my pulse. He told me that my pulse was different; it was doing the opposite of what it normally does at this point in my cycle. Then he said that he was "optimistic? and to take a pregnancy test. The next morning I did just that and lo and was positive. With tears in my eyes I went to my husband and woke him up to share the news that we had been blessed and our little bundle of joy was on the way. June 26 was our anniversary; this was the best gift I could ever get. The funny thing with all this is....Ron knew we were pregnant before we did and all from a pulse.

Now our little girl has arrived with ten little fingers and ten little toes. I want to take this opportunity on behalf of my husband, myself, and our precious angel, to thank Ron for his part in helping us expand our family and in such a short period of time.

The Medina Family

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